Band Works

Farthest South – Neurim (Feat. Ron Dahan)
(False Industries, 2014)

Third album, featuring live poetry reading by Ron.
Ron wrote a great book called Neurim (Hebrew for ‘Youth’) where
he tells his stories from the Lebanon War and his psychdelic trips
around the world. We played a live improvised soundtrack to that.
The a translation of the text is availble here.
Pay as much as you want for digital or buy it on cd here

Farthest South – Spheres & Constellations
(False Industries/FarSouth West Records, 2013)

Second album by Farthest South. One, 34 minute long track
of a trippy spacey kosmish journey to the heart of a star [Buy]


Farthest South – Omens & Talismans
(FarSouth West Records, 2013)

Debut album by Farthest South, featuring Albert Beger
on saxophone [BUY]


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