RIP Bert Jansch

Yesterday the world lost of its greatest musicians, an influential guitarist, songwriter and persona – Bert Jansch.

Bert has been an influence on me for almost ten years. When I first arrived to London, I held a bass guitar and my future was all about playing bass in bands and get psychedelic. When I first heard Bert’s first album, it completley shocked my world in such way, that I almost sold my bass guitar, just to become an acoustic guitar. More about this here.

He was responsible of the path I took in life, of being an acoustic guitar player. Of course, many other had influence on my music, but it was Jansch who started my crash on the guitar in the first place. In my fantasys, I knew that some day we’ll collaborate musically. Please don’t think I’m arrogant or whatever, just that I truly became such a hardcore fan, that it felt like a meeting between us has got to happen.

But, guess I was wrong. In anyway, god bless you, dear teacher. Rest in peace, and thanks for changing my life.


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OutNow Recordings – A New Label

I’m so proud about this.Ido Bukelman (guitarist) and Yoni Kretzmer (saxophonist), two friends of mine, offered me to join this new record label they wanted to launch – OutNow Recordings.  I said yes.The label is all about free jazz and avantgarde, but artistically, we’re trying to stay away from the ‘classic’ free jazz sound and style, and find a new definition for these terms, explore new sounds and find out what the term ‘jazz’ really means these days.

The label starts its way with six new releases, which we’re very proud of. You can download the label sampler if you’d join the label’s mailing list, through the website. It’s still under constructions and everything is fairly new, there’s a lot to be done, but we have some great music to offer meanwhile, so please do check us out. Have fun!

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Work On The New Album Is Now Over!

So glad to tell you all, that the work on my second album, World Behind Curtains is now done. We finished mixing it, artwork is ready, and we’re going to print and release it really soon.

Since everybody declares the track list in advance, as if it means anything, I figured I should do the same thing, so here goes:

1. Expatriates 2. It’s Not The Heat (It’s The Humidity) 3. This One’s For You, Glenn 4.  Kottke and the Orchids 5.  Mad About You 6.  Miss Fortune (Kaiser’s Eyes) 7. Poetry Nights In Valhalla 8. Bella

Stay tuned for more news about this release. You should join the mailing list if you haven’t done so already. Good stuff appears there, honestly.

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